Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maryland DNR Offers Anglers Log

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has launched the new DNR Angler’s Log on its Fisheries Service website.

“We have been testing a new concept in sharing fishing information with a DNR-managed online angler’s log, featuring content provided by trusted anglers and our own fisheries staff,” said DNR Fisheries Service Director Tom O’Connell.

The DNR Angler’s Log expands upon the popular weekly fishing report by DNR biologist Keith Lockwood, with real-time reports from avid anglers from all parts of Maryland. The posts are reviewed and edited to ensure useful, family-friendly content before going live on the fisheries site. Additionally, Fisheries Service staff biologists regularly weigh in with backup information from the streams, lakes, rivers, bays and the ocean.

In the first 30 days the log generated more than 48,000 visitors and exciting fishing news flowed in, including advice about where the fish were biting and how they were caught.

The log is designed to be a place where anglers of all ages can go to find trustworthy information and features an easy search function so visitors may narrow the reports down to species, places of interest, or a specific contributor.

It also pairs up with the new DNR Hot Spot Map which identifies where fishing is particularly good.

The Angler's Log is located at

This information is provided as a public service of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

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