Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gulf of Mexico Amberjack Regulations Comment Period Extended

NOAA Fisheries Service is reopening the public comment period for a proposed rule to create a seasonal closure to recreational fishing for greater amberjack in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to NOAA, an annual closure during June and July would allow the recreational season to be open for the other ten months of the year, without exceeding the recreational quota.

NOAA Fisheries Service originally requested comments on the subject proposed rule from January 24 through February 23, 2011. However, based on several comments received, the intent of the proposed action was not completely understood by the public.

NOAA believes that many commenters interpreted the proposed closure as a way to reduce harvest. According to NOAA, the intent of the proposed rulemaking is to avoid exceeding the quota in-season, not to reduce harvesting of the species.

At the request of the Gulf of Mexico fishing charter and guide industry, the comment period is being reopened for 15 days to allow interested constituents additional time to comment on this proposal.

source: Gulf Council

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