Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Livewells for Saltwater Fishing Baits

For live bait fishing, anglers often visit a local bait and tackle shop to purchase baits. In other cases, anglers are able to catch live baits locally. Regardless how fishing baits are obtained, they must be kept healthy in order to be effective.

For maintaining live minnows and other saltwater fishing baits, live wells are essential equipment. Live wells are designed to keep fish alive and healthy for use as fishing bait.

Portable live wells are used to keep baits frisky while fishing. Permanent live well systems are useful for fishing guides, tournament fishermen or other anglers that require a steady supply of live baits.

Live well containers typically consist of plastic or fiberglass tanks which are equipped with recirculation pumps or aerators. Live wells for use on boats are available as integral or free standing units.

Aerators are important for keeping live baits healthy. Jetty, pier or small boat fishermen might require only a simple battery powered aerator and 5 gallon bucket. Other anglers might go a step further and maintain a dedicated live bait system on their boat.

A wide range of aerators are available, including:

* Portable battery powered aerators

* Small pump type aerators that recirculate water to provide oxygen

* dedicated in-boat live well systems

* For larger saltwater fishing bait tanks, aerators are available powered by 120 volt electrical service

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