Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Circle Hook Advantages

circle hook rig
Circle hooks have become essential equipment for saltwater fishing. Their unique design helps reduce deep hooking and unnecessary bycatch.

Circle Hook Advantages

 - reduced gut hooking, lower mortality

 - reduced bycatch of smaller fish

 - anglers may catch a wider range of species using a single rig

 - smaller inventory of tackle required

 - better suited for inattentive fishing situations

 - non-offset circle hooks are mandated in certain fisheries

Circle Hook Rigs

 - some designs have a turned down eye and are suitable for snelling

 - small ringed eye circle hooks can be connected using the palomar knot or improved clinch knot

 - large hooks can be connected to the leader with a snell knot, uni-knot or by crimping

 - live bait rigs can be unweighted, or rigged Carolina, Texas or dropshot style

 - circle hooks can be rigged for bottom fishing using a 3 way rig, fish-finder rig or standard top and bottom rig

 - In certain conditions, circle hooks rigged with flourocarbon leaders are less visible to line-shy fish


How to use Circle Hooks

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