Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pacific Northwest Saltwater Fishing

Arguably one the best fishing destinations in the world, the Pacific Northwest is world renowned for its saltwater fishing. Anglers fish from ports in Alaska, B.C. Canada, Washington, and Oregon, and northern California.

Salmon, trout and char are highly sought after in the Pacific Northwest. Anglers catch Chinook, silver, pink, sockeye and chum salmon as well as arctic charr, steelhead, and other species.

In Alaska and other northern areas, Pacific halibut are a top attraction for bottom anglers, with fish over 50 pounds commonly caught. Other bottom fish include lingcod and dozens of species of rockfish.

Although much of the fishing in the region occurs in cold, rainy weather the area is known for its comfortable, seaworthy charter boats and head boats. Onshore, anglers that visit the Pacific Northwest will find a wide range of fishing lodges and other accommodations.

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