Monday, August 27, 2012

Maryland State Record Snowy Grouper

In July, 2012, two anglers caught Maryland record setting snowy grouper.

Robert Purcell, from Bishopville, caught a 56-pound snowy grouper on July 22 over the Norfolk Canyon, about 75 miles southeast of Ocean City, and held the state record for a brief period.

A week later he was replaced by 14-year-old Gregory Benn from Great Falls, Va. who reeled in a 66-pound grouper on July 30. Benn and his father were deep-dropping in about 600 feet of water when the fish took a 12-ounce diamond jig. The massive grouper measured more than 47 inches in length with a girth of 38 inches.

The current all-tackle world record is a 70-pound, 7-ounce snowy grouper caught by Roger Burnley of Virginia Beach from the Norfolk Canyon in 2011. It is also the Virginia State record since it was checked in and weighed in Newport News.

source: MD DNR

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