Thursday, July 18, 2013

Atlantic Cod State Record Fish

The following list includes several Mid Atlantic state records for Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua) :

The New Hampshire state record for Atlantic cod has stood since 1969. The massive fish, which weighed 98 pounds 12 oz. stands as the IGFA all tackle world record. ***

The Massachusetts state record for Atlantic cod is held by a 92 pound fish, caught in 1987. The Atlantic cod is the state symbol of Massachusetts.

Connecticut's state record for Atlantic Cod was set in 2004 with a 45 pound fish.

The New York state record Atlantic cod, caught in 1984, weighed 85 pounds.

The New Jersey state record Atlantic cod is held by an 81-pound record fish caught in 1967.

The Delaware state record Atlantic cod, caught in 1975, weighed 44-pounds.

The Maryland state record 38-inch, 24-pound Atlantic cod, caught in 2013.

*** note: In the spring of 2013 Michael Eisele, of Germany landed a 103-pound Atlantic cod while fishing in the Norwegian Sea.

If approved by the International Game Fishing Association, the monster cod will set a new world record for the species.

For more information concerning Eisele's potential world record cod, see:

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