Monday, August 5, 2013

Saltwater Dead Stick Fishing Techniques

Dead sticking is one of the simplest and easiest techniques for catching saltwater fish. The term dead stick refers to a rod and reel that is placed in a rod holder or simply leaned against a rail or other structure.

Dead sticking works with lures and baits and can be done from the shore, from anchored boats or while drifting. Depending on conditions, dead stick lines may be set near the surface, at mid-depth, or on the bottom.

With some species, bites are indicated by only a slight movement of the rod. Others, such as seatrout tend to strike hard and can wreak havoc on equipment. When fishing areas that contain a wide range of species, fishermen must pay close attention to dead stick rigs or risk loosing fish, equipment, or both.

Rod and reel outfits need to be in good working condition when used for dead sticking. Reel drags should have a smooth action and be set correctly. Rods should be in good condition for dead sticking. Reel seats should be tight and eyes should be in good condition. It is also important to replace line that becomes frayed or develops memory (coiling).

When using a dead stick rig to fish live or cut baits, circle hooks are usually the best type of hook. Their unique hooking action eliminates the need to set the hook, which can result in better hookup ratios while causing less injury to fish.

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