Monday, April 21, 2014

NOAA National Recreational Fishing Policy

NOAA Fisheries recently announced plans to develop a national recreational fishing policy during its second national Saltwater Recreational Fishing Summit.

More than 100 leaders from the saltwater recreational fishing community met with NOAA Fisheries leadership at the summit, held April 1-2 in Alexandria, Va., to provide an opportunity to assess recent progress, identify future directions and further strengthen the relationship between the two groups.

With nearly 11 million saltwater anglers in the United States, recreational and non-commercial fishermen represent one of NOAA's largest organized constituencies.

The meeting provided a forum for identifying important issues and collaborative solutions, including discussing the quality of the data used to count and characterize the recreational catch and fishing effort, on-the-water fishing experiences, sharing management priorities, and discussing the importance of healthy habitats.

NOAA Fisheries held the first national saltwater recreational fishing summit in 2010 to kick-off the agency's recreational fishing engagement initiative. The event resulted in development of both national and regional action plans to guide agency activities.

source: NOAA Fisheries

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