Monday, May 25, 2015

2014 North Carolina Recreational Fishing Landings

Recreational fishermen in North Carolina harvested approximately 9.6 million fish, weighing about 9 million pounds in 2014, according to the division’s Coastal Angling Program. The 2014 total was 29 percent lower than the average of recreational landings from 2010 to 2013.

North Carolina Recreational Harvests

The top 5 recreationally harvested fish (in pounds) in 2014 were dolphin, bluefish, yellowfin tuna, spot, and red drum.

Recreational dolphin landings decreased by 14 percent to 1.3 million pounds

bluefish landings decreased by 3 percent to 961,222 pounds

yellowfin tuna landings decreased by 37 percent to 913,785 pounds.

Red drum harvests decreased by 12 percent to 598,166 pounds, after the highest landings on record in 2013.

Spot harvests increased by 53 percent in 2014 to 704,445 pounds.

North Carolina Recreational Fishing Trips
The number of private boat fishing trips dropped by 18.7 percent.

The number of for-hire fishing trips dropped by 8 percent.

the number of beach and bank fishing trips increased by 37.3 percent.

For a full landings report, click on the 2014 Annual Fisheries Bulletin link at

For more information, contact division License and Statistics Section Chief Don Hesselman at 252-808-8099 or

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