Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Maryland State Record Winter Flounder

The Maryland state record for winter flounder was broken in June with the catch of a five-pound, two-ounce fish.

Twilley set the mark while bottom fishing in 140 feet of water, 26 miles east of Ocean City aboard the charter boat Fish Bound with Captain Kane Bounds.

Captain Bounds called a friend onshore to check the record, which was a four-pound, seven-ounce fish caught by Jeremy Kuhn in 2006. Back at Bahia Marina, they weighed the fish on a certified scale and called DNR’s coastal fisheries biologist Steve Doctor to confirm the species and the weight.

Marylanders most often catch summer flounder, which have both eyes on the left side. Winter flounder are more prevalent in the Northeast and feature eyes on the right side.

A complete list of Maryland state record fish can be found on the DNR Fisheries website.

source: Maryland Department of Natural Resources

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