Thursday, February 13, 2014

North Carolina Fishing License Fee Increases

North Carolina for-hire fishing license and ocean fishing pier license structures will change later this year. Both licenses will change from an annual license from day of sale to a fiscal year cycle. Current licenses will be valid until their expiration date to aid in this transition.

The new for-hire license structure eliminates the Blanket For-Hire License and the free For-Hire Permit and creates three new licenses: A Blanket For-Hire Captain’s License, a Blanket For-Hire Vessel License and a Non-Blanket For-Hire Vessel License.
This will allow head boat, charter boat and guide boat operators to choose whether to purchase a vessel license or a captain’s license, depending on the way they do business.

The legislation also set a fee for the Non-Blanket For-Hire Vessel License and increased the out-of-state resident fees for all for-hire licenses.

The Ocean Pier License and the Ocean Fishing Pier Blanket Coastal Recreational Fishing License will be combined into one Ocean Pier License, which will still cover the licensing requirements of the anglers on the pier. The two fees will be combined and result in no increase in total cost.

The commission is scheduled to discuss fee increases for permits and licenses at its February meeting. Establishing these license and permits fees will require rule changes, which will entail a public comment process.

source: N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources

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