Thursday, July 1, 2010

2010 North Carolina Report Shows Continued Recovery and Viability of Saltwater Fish

The N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries’ 2010 Stock Status report shows saltwater fish populations in North Carolina are stable and, in many cases, improving.

Spiny dogfish moved from “recovering” to “viable” based on a 2010 stock assessment that found that the stock has been rebuilt.

Summer flounder remains listed as recovering and striped bass in the ocean and in the Albemarle Sound-Roanoke River Management Area remain listed as viable.

Additionally, bay scallops continue to recover, allowing for periodic season openings in some water bodies. Oysters, while remaining listed as “concern,” have shown signs of improvement with increased landings and increased spat fall in both wild harvest areas and in sanctuaries.

Spotted seatrout, however moved from “concern” to “depleted” based on a 2009 stock assessment. The assessment indicated the stock is overfished and undergoing overfishing based on data from 1991-2008.

The annual stock status report serves as a general barometer of the overall health of North Carolina’s coastal fishery resources, and it is used to prioritize development of fishery management plans and subsequent plan amendments. 

The 2010 Stock Status Report can be found online at

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